Re: [packagekit] Not proposing gnome-packagekit for 2.28

2009/8/13 Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>:
> On Thu, 2009-08-13 at 09:25 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> Quite a few people have asked me the same question...
>> I do not want to propose gnome-packagekit for 2.28, but instead am
>> intending to propose it during the 2.29 cycle.
> You know that proposing modules for 2.28 was 6 months ago and that
> proposals for 2.29/2.30 acceptance are now? :)

Now the nagging emails from random people make sense... :-)

One thing I didn't cover were the external dependency of PackageKit
(which some things already conditionally depend on, gnome-games,
nautilus, etc) which is already present in most of the big distros.
It's well documented, and an unstable version is released every month,
a stable version every 2-3 months. There's loads of verbage on, or developer documentation here:

The other is the goal of GNOME 3.0, which I think is pretty obvious.
We need an abstraction over the various different tools to allow
applications to install fonts, media players codecs and nautilus to
install applications for unknown mime types in a high level way. This
stuff just needs to work, without scaring the user about stuff they do
not understand. We need a coherent approach to updating and installing
software, rather than the hodgepotch of distro-specific tools we've
been using for years.

I'm aiming gnome-packagekit (and PackageKit generally) at these real
users: -- it's not really
designed to be a power-user tool, as the logic would be that power
users would be using the native tool on the command line.


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