New module proposal: nautilus-actions

Hi guys

I'd like to propose Nautilus-Actions as a new Gnome desktop module.

Nautilus-Actions is a Nautilus extension which allows the user to add items to the Nautilus context menu. Items are dynamic: they appear only if some pre-parameterized conditions are met.

Nautilus-Actions depends on usual, Gnome or external blessed, dependancies (Glib, Gtk+, libunique).

Nautilus-Actions has its own web site at This web site serves also as action definitions repository. It has also its own mailing list (though not very active): see

Bugzilla is at

The git repository is at

Tarballs are available both on Nautilus-Actions site ( and on Gnome site (

Nautilus-Actions is already widely distributed by main distributions.

The code is already 3.0-compliant - at least, it seems so to me - as all old dependancies has been removed in last released versions. Just single include policy is breaked for now by current libunique.

Program is under GPLv2 or later. Website is licensed under CC-NS-SA.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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