Not proposing gnome-packagekit for 2.28

Quite a few people have asked me the same question...

I do not want to propose gnome-packagekit for 2.28, but instead am
intending to propose it during the 2.29 cycle. At this stage
translated strings are still changing quite a bit, and lot of the UIs
I'm unhappy with as they need quite a bit of redesign/polish. Also,
quite a few distros have yet to write backends for PackageKit. Most of
the few remaining distros are mostly in the process of writing, or
discussing how to write, a backend.

Just for reference, gnome-packagekit has compile time deps of:

packagekit-glib >= 0.4.4
GLib >= 2.14.0
Gtk+ >= 2.16.0
D-Bus >= 1.1.2
GConf >= 0.22
D-Bus-glib >= 0.73
libnotify >= 0.4.3
libunique >= 1.0.0
gnome-menus >= 2.24.1
Gio >= 2.18.0
DeviceKit-power >= 007
libcanberra >= 0.10

Licence GPLv2+, uses gnome FTP for releases and gnome git for
development. Translated by the gnome translation teams.
I'm pretty sure none of those should pose any great problems.
Screenshots here:

Anyway, if anyone has any great argument about why I shouldn't propose
gnome-packagekit for 2-29 (or why I should do it for 2-27) please
shout now. I'm also not sure whether to propose it for the desktop set
or something else. Ideas welcome.



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