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Christian Rose skrev:
On 8/10/09, William Jon McCann <william jon mccann gmail com> wrote:
 On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 5:12 AM, Vincent Untz<vuntz gnome org> wrote:
 > Two questions:
 >  + unless I missed something, Colin's patch is for gnome-panel only.
 >   What about "Open With", and all the other places where we display the
 >   applications?

An excellent point.  And we should probably consider each of these
 individually.  It is a little strange that we are designing FullName
 proposal around the implementation details of gnome-panel.  There are
 at least two cases for open with.  We have menu entries in context
 menus on files and we have the full "Open With" dialog.  My thinking
 currently is that "open with" menu should simply use the Name.  Since:
  * The default handler is already set and doesn't need to be discovered
  * If you are looking for a specific app you know the name
  * We don't show the comment either (which is really essential for
 discovery) since we assume you recognize the name already
  * If you don't find it there you can go into the dialog for for discovery

 The "Open With" dialog is another story and has a number of design
 problems.  Won't go into those here.

 Technically, if we follow the logic of FullName (which is really just
 the gnome-panel name) we should also add a OpenWithLabel to the
 desktop file or have translatable "actions" since the following is
 also wrong:
 g_strdup_printf (_("Open with %s"), g_app_info_get_name (application));

 Right?  Unless we don't consider names to be translated or require
 articles or the resulting string to be a proper sentence.

This is an interesting point. Yes, an OpenWithLabel is probably
actually needed for translation reasons. Another example, using

"Open with" -> "Öppna med"


Wrong: "Öppna med Webbläsaren Epiphany"
Correct: "Öppna med webbläsaren Epiphany"

The reason is that the capitalization rules in Swedish (and this is
true for many languages) are rather strict compared to English; only
the beginning of sentences and proper names must ever be capitalized.
Concepts like book title capitalization does not exist in Swedish and
would be considered a grammatical error.

But this is of course a whole other issue.

Just for information, the prefix "Open with" was removed from nautilus (see [1]) but it might present in other applications.

 >  + translators have stated that it's wrong to do "Name - GenericName"
 >   programmatically. So, hrm, why would we not listen to them?

That hasn't been established.  In the xdg-list thread one of the last
 comments from Christian Rose said this:
 "Webbläsare - Epiphany" or "Webbläsare (Epiphany)" is not wrong per
 se, it's just bad language style."

I was using Swedish as an example as it is my mother tongue. And your
question was about my specific example, using Swedish. That does not
imply that this issue may have, and probably has, other implications
on some of the world's other several thousand languages! Please do not
generalize. In my experience, it is better not to assume too much
about other languages and their conformity with English.

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