New module proposal: Clutter core

hi everyone;

I'm proposing to move Clutter (core) from the external dependencies to
the Desktop modules.

I guess that, by now, everyone on this list knows what Clutter is; but
for the record:

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually
rich, portable and animated graphical user interfaces.

Clutter uses OpenGL (and optionally OpenGL ES for use on Mobile and
embedded platforms) for rendering but with an API which hides the
underlying GL complexity from the developer. The Clutter API is intended
to be easy to use, efficient and flexible.

The dependencies:
- GLib and GObject
- Cairo
- Pango
- GDK-Pixbuf (optional, though strongly suggested on Linux)

Current projects in GNOME 2.x that (optionally) depend on Clutter:
- GNOME Games

Future projects in GNOME 3.0 that already depend on Clutter:
- Mutter
- GNOME Shell

Clutter is API stable since 1.0.0, and will remain so for the duration
of the 1.x cycle.

All major distributions package Clutter already.


Emmanuele Bassi,

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