Re: Application names

Il giorno sab, 08/08/2009 alle 16.29 -0400, William Jon McCann ha
> Hey,
> So, in preparation for GNOME Shell and 3.0 a number of us have been
> trying to address various inconsistencies in how we name applications.
> I've just posted a blog about this:

#1 - If "Name" is branded, don't mark it for translation.

        Here is any reason to have a simple "Rhythmbox" string marked as
        translatable? A simple s/_Name=Rhythmbox/Name=Rhythmbox should
        be fine

#2 - Is the removal of GenericName ok for cross-desktop?

        You wrote "When Name is the same as GenericName, the GenericName
        should be removed". A use cases for this are, for example, the
        calculator and the file manager. What if both GNOME and KDE are
        installed on the same system? We'll have 2 "Calculator" and two
        "File Manager" with no ability to discriminate them?
Cheers, Luca

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