Re: dconf

Josselin Mouette wrote:
Is it possible to have several layers of settings? Being able to
override a GConf schema or provide a mandatory value at different levels
is a popular feature among derived distributions and users with large

Yes.  Of course.

The concept of mandatory keys is actually being cribbed from the way that KDE does it more or less. ie: you have an ordering of databases. The "user" one being on one extreme end and the "distro default" or whatever being on the other. In between maybe you have "site default" "host default", however, as you please.

    distro       site          host             user
    default     default       default         settings

The setting is taken from the rightmost database that has the key set. However, if there is a 'mandatory' key set somewhere, then the leftmost takes precedence. This allows the 'site' admin to set mandatory keys that even the 'host' defaults cannot override, for example.

Lockdown is essentially a list of patterns (stored in the same tree structure as the keys). Each pattern has one of the following forms:


with the following rule: if a lockdown list item exactly matches a key name then that key is locked down. If a lockdown list item ends in '/' and is a prefix of a key then that key is locked down.


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