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We'd love to have your help. We really need help defining what GNOME is to non-hackers and promoting it appropriately on the website and in presentations people give. You are right that the about page doesn't actually say what GNOME is!

The marketing list[1] would be a good place to discuss this.




On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 6:21 AM, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak <mjc avtechpulse com> wrote:
Vincent Untz wrote:
During the first few months of 2008, a few Release Team members
discussed here and there about the state of GNOME. This was nothing

Wow, long interesting email! I'll limit myself to one area:

 - Promotion of GNOME

This does seems to be lacking. If you go to, you will see NOTHING about WHY an average person would want to use Gnome.

If you click on, you'll find a list of noble attributes of Gnome, but that page really is 100% excitement-free. It looks like it was typed into a wiki by an engineer. Which I'm sure it was...

Could I suggest that "someone" (yes, I can help) develop a few key "Gnome is" concepts and illustrate them with memorable graphics (sorry, I can't help beyond stick figures). They should be things that appeal to the mythical grandma user. Like:

"Gnome - Don't Need No Stinkin' Anti-Virus Software!"
"Gnome - Free Software - Why Pay More?"
"Gnome - In Your Language!"
"Gnome - Where the Code Isn't Secret!"

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure better ones could be developed.

I don't see anything on promoting Gnome's security. This would be especially compelling in the age of conficker! Us coders know that gnome isn't perfect either, but it really is a million times better than that other OS...

Also: Every computer seems to come with a "Designed for Windows" sticker. Can the Foundation promote Gnome logo stickers with those manufacturers who do offer pre-installed linux/gnome?

- Mike
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