Re: GTK adjustement changes create incompatible behaviour between versions?

2008/9/22 Josselin Mouette <joss debian org>:
> The difference is that you are knowingly breaking hundreds of
> applications. You are able to fix those distributed by GNOME in a snap
> and that's all good, but you let downstream distributors with hundreds
> of broken applications in their hands. The only solution we have is to
> revert this change, because we simply can't afford it.

Not true, we can avoid all the breakage inside GtkSpinButton.

> Even if we fix all our packages (and that would take a few weeks), the
> problem of non-free applications remains. GTK+ is not just a random
> library that you can afford to break a each and every release, it is one
> of the more widely used toolkits. If the wording of the documentation
> was not clear enough, that's bad, but it's too late, you can't break it
> now.
> Now for more constructive discussion:
>      * would it work if GtkSpinButtons (and maybe GtkScale) forced
>        page_size to be 0 in the constructors and in ..._set_adjustment?

That's what I proposed. If it's != 0, force it to 0 and issue a
warning. Spin controls have no concept of data set so there is no such
thing as a page and therefore there's no use for limiting the offset
to a certain subrange of (min, max). It's a two-three line change for
GTK and was already worked around in libglade (patch posted earlier in
this thread).

Patryk Zawadzki

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