Re: GTK adjustement changes create incompatible behaviour between versions?

Davyd Madeley wrote:
I think GTK+ is now doing the right thing.
>From my understanding, this only affects UIs created with Glade (which
has been setting a page_size of 10 -- and it seems still isn't fixed).

Matt here developed a workaround for this in libglade. That sets the
page_size to 0 and reports a warning that your app is broken.
This is GREAT! Does this imply the bug is in libglade since it does not conform to the GTK+ spec? Should the fix be made in libglade also so that new glade file
will conform to the GTK+ glade.
FWIW, I have mentioned this change in the developer section of the 2.24
release notes.
 Have you a pointer to the latest 2.24 release note?



On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 09:12 +0100, Ghee Teo wrote:
Hi Vincent,

While you have just announced 2.24.0 tarballs to be available for 22nd Sep.
Does this mean we are going to ship 2.24.0 without an possible resolution to this regression? Since applications would not have a change to workaround this should gtk+ is not going to back up this feature. If gtk+ going to back out this feature, it can only be done after 23rd Sept!

Have the release team considered moving the 2.24.0 release date by a couple of days to
accommodate this?


Vincent Untz wrote:
Le vendredi 19 septembre 2008, à 09:17 -0400, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
I don't see any way around discussing this with the GTK+ team before
taking any decisions.
I was hoping this would be discussed on gtk-devel-list and that a
decision would have been taken there :/

If you think this is a blocker for 2.24, then having it reverted on
September 23 should still be good for a Gnome release on September 24.
Hrm, well, that's definitely late for smoketesting...


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