Re: GDM version used for GNOME 2.24?


I don't see us ignoring a good bunch of the comments (there are good
points on each side), so there are two ways to go forward:

 + use GDM 2.24, and mention that it is not ready for all uses (listing
   the use cases where it needs work would help), and that GDM 2.20 is
   still available and working.

 + stay with GDM 2.20, and mention that we have a new GDM coming soon.

We kind of did solution b for 2.22, but it turned out not a lot of
people stepped up to fix the remaining issues in the new GDM.

I don't think this is true.  A lot of issues hav ebeen addressed in the
2.24 timeframe.  GDM 2.24 will have considerably less regressions than
GDM had.  I think that the issue is that re-implementing some of the
regressions is just time-consuming.  Plus some of the people working
on GDM have also been focused on adding new functionalities (such as
features available via the new GDM panel like power management and
keyboard switching functionalities) rather than addressing the
identified regressions.


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