Re: GDM version used for GNOME 2.24?

on., 10.09.2008 kl. 14.49 +0200, skrev Vincent Untz:
> Le mercredi 03 septembre 2008, à 22:27 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> > We'd like to have a decision made by this weekend so there's two weeks
> > left for translators. Comments highly welcome, so you can't blame
> > release-team only in the end. ;-)
> Thanks everybody who jumped in the discussion. From what I see, there's
> no consensus in this thread.
> An important thing for GDM is that in most cases, really, it's the
> distributors that decide what gets shipped and I don't know a lot of
> people using GDM from jhbuild. So keep in mind that the message that we
> want to send is mainly to distributors (FWIW, some already chose to stay
> with the old GDM, and some chose to go with the new one).
> I don't see us ignoring a good bunch of the comments (there are good
> points on each side), so there are two ways to go forward:
>  + use GDM 2.24, and mention that it is not ready for all uses (listing
>    the use cases where it needs work would help), and that GDM 2.20 is
>    still available and working.
>  + stay with GDM 2.20, and mention that we have a new GDM coming soon.
> We kind of did solution b for 2.22, but it turned out not a lot of
> people stepped up to fix the remaining issues in the new GDM. It could
> be because the community was not aware of all this, though.
> Right now, I'm leaning towards solution a (assuming the new GDM works
> fine and there's no major non-regression bugs). I'm not happy with
> regressions (I'd say this is a good example to keep in mind when
> reworking a module -- do not ignore the old feature set or clearly
> explain why your remove some features), but I would think that without
> sending a clear message, people will still stay with GDM 2.20 in 2.26,
> and so on.
I'm leaning in the same direction. Having used the new GDM since it
landed in rawhide (was that before even Fedora 9?) I must say that I've
had no problems with it so far. None that haven't been fixed within a
reasonable amount of time at least.

How about making GDM just be the gnome-screensaver unlock dialog and let
everything else start in the background? :-)


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