Hi everyone!
  I remember that at GUADEC, we were seriously thinking about
migrating to git but the decision was postponed on Mark Shuttleworth's
request. It's been some months since that and we are still stuck with
SVN. AFAIK both git and bazaar have very strong supporters in our
community so the only way I see out of this is:

1. Get someone (known and trusted) to volunteer to set-up and maintain
the repository. I think Olav likes bazaar so he would volunteer for
2. Assuming that we get volunteers for both the repository types, we
simply vote amongst the top 50 contributers (i myself most probably
don't count :))

  Lets not turn this into yet another bazaar vs. git war cause we
already had plenty of that and nothing good comes out of that.

  The reason i bring this up is:

1. I don't see any way of using git mirrors (don't know of bazaar) in
jhbuild setup.
2. I want to move a module from o-hand SVN to gnome SVN while keeping
the history intact and seems the only way of achieving that is to wait
on bkor to get to import the svn dump. Don't get me wrong, I am not
saying bkor is taking very long but I have no way of knowing when
would he get time to do it.


Zeeshan Ali Khattak
FSF member#5124

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