Re: Quotation marks: Using =?UTF-8?B?4oCc4oCdIGluc3RlYWQgb2YgIiI=?=

O/H Pat Suwalski έγραψε:
My objection may seem silly, but since there is no way to type it on any keyboard out there, that's a bit of a hindrance. Short of using the character map and searching, one has to resolve to using "smart substitution" editors like OpenOffice to get the characters.
The following keyboard layouts allow you to type those double quote marks:

al ba be br by ca ch cz de dk ee epo es fi fo fr gb hr hu ie is it latam lt lv mao me mk mn mt nl no pl pt ro rs se si sk tr ua us za

Layouts that are missing from above may not need them (for example, gr, which uses «»).

An issue is with some default layouts that may not enable those double quotes (you have to pick the appropriate layout variant). That is the case with “us”, where the default layout does not include the said characters.

In most layouts (such as the default for GB), “” are found when you press AltGr+v, AltGr+b. For US, you need to pick the “intl” variant, and here it follows its own, with AltGr+[, AltGr+] respectively.
They also tend to fail horribly when pasting into a non-Unicode terminal, which is still often the case over SSH. Probably not a huge desktop consideration, though. Every distribution I know of uses Unicode by default on the local terminal at this point.
This situation (whether to put “” or not) is similar to whether to include ellipsis in translation messages instead of “...”. I am not sure what was the resolution for that issue.

The two issues have similarities and an important difference; the text of the menu items cannot be copied by default (unless an accessibility application is active), which means that the text will probably not make it out of the application.

I think the most important question to answer is whether we want to make POT files non-ASCII. That is, once messages have “”‘’, etc, then GNOME will be available for Unicode locales only.
If one starts GNOME with a C or a legacy 8-bit locale, it will not work.

Personally I would say no to “” at this stage.


Christian Neumair wrote:
Alex Jones proposed [1] to change the quotation marks in Nautilus
strings from the ASCII representation "..." to the unicode variant

I think the proposed quotation marks are aesthetically more pleasing,
but I don't want to change this unless there is a GNOME-wide policy.

I hereby propose to establish a GNOME policy of using “...” for
quotations. Comments, objections?

best regards,
 Christian Neumair


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