Re: Discussions on Pgo was: Re: Need Leadership

I seem to remember a time when there was an actual journalistic team
specifically editting and publishing summaries of what had been posted
within the community in the past week/month. What happened to that
effort? I suppose the volunteer editor(s) became occupied elsewhere or

man, 23 06 2008 kl. 22:03 +0300, skrev natan yellin:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 9:26 PM, Kalle Vahlman
> <kalle vahlman gmail com> wrote:
>         2008/6/23 BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com>:
>         > Pgo is good for getting to know the daily lives of gnome
>         hackers and
>         > stuff. But it shouldn't act as a general debating board.
>         That's what
>         > mailing lists are for.
>         I'd like to state my exactly opposite feeling, pgo is the
>         correct
>         medium for opinions and analysis of current state of
>         "decadence".
>         There one can go on about dreams and stuff for all eternity
>         for all I
>         care.
> Assuming that your blog is in the feed, then yes.
> The only real solution that I'd be happy with would be a "smart
> planet" that tracks tracebacks to posts in the feed and includes the
> popular ones even if _those_ blogs aren't in the feed themselves.
> Still, for now, the best we can do is have pgo bloggers write roundups
> like these.
> /rant
>         But I'd rather see things condensed to concrete suggestions of
>         actions
>         before hitting the mailing lists to ensure some real meat for
>         discussions (just like Jason did), not just stating the
>         opinion which,
>         while probably interesting, doesn't really help advancing the
>         "cause".
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