Re: Should GNOME apps support a --geometry option?


2008/6/18 Ross Burton <ross burtonini com>:
> Neither will a key file or any other method unless you have some way of
> uniquely identifying the window, and that window identifier can be used
> when creating gconf keys.

Exactly. As discussed the last 500 times we had this thread ;-) GTK
needs an API to allow apps to specify which windows are "the same
window" across application runs. Then GTK can have some automatic
mechanism to persist window state, or even delegate to WM or SM. But
the API needed in GTK is a way for apps to give the key identifying
each window across restarts. Right now GTK could save the state of a
bunch of windows, but on restart of the app, would not know which
saved states correspond to which newly-created windows.

Reinventing window state saving in every app is pretty much madness.


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