Re: Should GNOME apps support a --geometry option?

Il giorno mer, 18/06/2008 alle 11.23 -0400, Matthew Barnes ha scritto:

> I think I'm correct in saying the GConf approach is preferred,

I don't think so. GConf keys should be used to store _user_ editable
preferences[1], and I can't see how users (and sysadmins for default and
mandatory values) can have any interest to set window geometry.

I don't know what's the best place and method to store geometry info
(note that gedit uses $HOME/.gnome2/gedit-2 ini style file) but I'm
strongly against GConf.

PS If we really want a --geometry option for all apps, maybe we should
add it directly in GTK+ to have a coherent behavior.

[1] with or without an UI

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