Re: desktop-devel-list Digest, Vol 50, Issue 26


tir, 17 06 2008 kl. 06:49 +0000, skrev
desktop-devel-list-request gnome org:
> Aww, Jamie didn't think it would be suitable for my blog engine,
> either. :) Wasn't the plan to use Tracker for Epiphany's bookmarks and
> history? Is the problem that of storing arbitrary RDF?

I have not discussed it directly with Tracker developers, but it's my
impression that they don't feel that Tracker is ready to support a
SPARQL interface for queries yet.

> It's about complexity, and people's tendency to try to minimise it.
> Using the file system is at least an order of magnitude less complex
> than a service for storing your data in terms of implementation, testing
> and bugfixing. Using the native model for your data is similarly less
> complex than converting it to something else, as is keeping your
> metadata and data together vs splitting it up.

I'm still puzzled, because personally I feel that using a service is
much easier than having to reinvent serializing, parsing and not least
querying every time you begin a new software project?

> So to be successful, something to minimise this complexity is needed -
> probably some code (he says, while providing none). How are the KDE guys
> doing it? They're using Soprano, but how do apps get data into it, out
> of it and keep it sync'ed? What programming interfaces are available for
> K developers?

The Soprano server has a D-Bus, TCP and unix sockets interface for
querying, and wrapping classes for the D-Bus interface are also

Backend, serializer and parser plugins are developed with the Soprano

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