Re: GNOME Showstopper Review

Vincent Untz wrote:
Le mardi 17 juin 2008, à 00:36 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
Crash in handle_cached_dir_changed
There has not been a single report coming from GNOME 2.22 so far, so
this may not be a blocker anymore.

The bug is still there, but the patch is unfortunately wrong. The crash
seems to only be triggered on OpenSolaris so far and they added the
patch to their package, which is good for OpenSolaris users, though :-)
I'll work on a good fix in 2.23 (can't be done in 2.22 since the change
is too intrusive)

Thanks vincent :)

clock window not shown if e-d-s has not authenticated to google calendar
If a google calendar exists in Evolution and one clicks on the time in
the clock applet, it hangs because google calendar is not available
unless evo authenticates it. Very annoying, no patch available yet.
In general, Google calendar support in Evolution is quite buggy and
there are several bug reports dealing with issues.

There are two things here:

 + the clock applet opens the calendar in a synchronous way. I'm afraid
   the change is quite intrusive, which makes me think it won't go in
 + authentication: I thought the clock applet handled calendar
   authentication, but maybe I'm misremembering. Or maybe the google
   backend needs something different? Does anybody know?




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