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On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 17:46 +0200, Anders Feder wrote:
> I have not discussed it directly with Tracker developers, but it's my
> impression that they don't feel that Tracker is ready to support a
> SPARQL interface for queries yet.

Ahh, right. Can something be constructed to translate SPARQL (or some
useful subset) into Tracker's query format?

> I'm still puzzled, because personally I feel that using a service is
> much easier than having to reinvent serializing, parsing and not least
> querying every time you begin a new software project?

Similar work would still present when using a service, though. Your
application will probably want to have some data structures that will
need converted to and from the service's data structures, for example.
Perhaps not as hard as parsing a plain text file, but libraries exist
for parsing most common formats anyway.

> The Soprano server has a D-Bus, TCP and unix sockets interface for
> querying, and wrapping classes for the D-Bus interface are also
> available:

Do you know how applications typically use those interfaces? The W3C
case study states that users can tag files in Dolphin. When a user does
so, does Dolphin save the tag as well as pushing it to Soprano, or just
the latter? I assume it doesn't save a copy, but that means when
displaying files, it needs to query Soprano for every one? If the
performance doesn't suck, this might be a reasonable model, but you'd
want to ensure Soprano is always well behaved. :)

I dunno, maybe having a common service is the way to go, but something
will need to be done to make it easy for developers to implement.


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