GNOME Showstopper Review

GNOME 2.22.3 Tarballs Due is on June 30 (see [1]), and we have some
blocker bugs to fix for our stable branch. This list also includes 2.23
stuff at the end. Kudos to seb128 and cosimoc for their help!

Reproduce, test, help out with patches!


Subject in message list does not match message preview
This is a bug bringing the folder summary out of sync with the mbox file
which is hard to fix for an average user. As far as I know, Srini is
currently working on a fix.
time zone handling insufficient
Evolution has problems with displaying accepted meeting invitations in
the correct timezone. A contributed patch is available and hopefully
Chen will review this quickly. The patch requires an API extension (not
API change).

Crash in handle_cached_dir_changed
There has not been a single report coming from GNOME 2.22 so far, so
this may not be a blocker anymore.
clock window not shown if e-d-s has not authenticated to google calendar
If a google calendar exists in Evolution and one clicks on the time in
the clock applet, it hangs because google calendar is not available
unless evo authenticates it. Very annoying, no patch available yet.
In general, Google calendar support in Evolution is quite buggy and
there are several bug reports dealing with issues.

nautilus does not display samba shares for machines inside an ADS
This is a regression from 2.20.x. A patch is available and one commenter
has stated that the patch fixed the issue for him.
Restore from trash appears to do a file copy
Restore from trash for local files appears to fallback on copy+delete
instead of just moving the relevant files. This is a regression from
2.20 and a visible performance issue.

HTTP://CRASH.GNOME.ORG (2.23 issue)
Remember this one from 4 months ago? We still need a better integration; especially getting debug information
from the distros so core files can be "decrypted" to stacktraces. I
wonder whether Fernando will ever work on writing documentation for the
distributions and defining a process. already receives reports nobody looks at because they
cannot be decrypted. We will lose even more user feedback if this
doesn't get sorted out.

GNOME GOALS for 2.23
A list of the few remaining modules that need to be patched to finally
get some of our GNOME Goals done. Let's please everybody get this done
in the next weeks for 2.23 to clean up our platform and finally drop
some ancient dependencies.

* :
gtk+, atk

* :
alacarte, gnome-build, GnomePython

* :
gnome-python-desktop, anjuta, gnome-devel-docs (update), GnomePython

* :
PATCHES: bug-buddy, fusa, gtksourceview, libgweather
TODO: alacarte, control-center, ekiga, gedit, gnome-applets,
gnome-main-menu, gnome-media, gnome-python-desktop, gnome-utils, pygtk,
pygtksourceview, seahorse-plugins, gtk+, sabayon, anjuta, gdl

Changes/Fixes since the last review[2]:
Fixed issues: 509600, 509620, 511172, 512894; 515777 fixed today.
Not a blocker anymore (way less dups and no reports from 2.22): 446097,
446183, 463147, 471133


(for more information on showstopper reviews in general, see [3].)

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