Re: Proposed external dep: PolicyKit

On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 19:24 -0500, Jason D. Clinton wrote:

> If that's your policy, then you need to
> patch /etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf to NOT use PolicyKit in a package
> that doesn't have support for it.

There's no way to specify in a D-Bus .conf that it uses PolicyKit or

>  This is--AFAICT--an upstream bug in hal that this stanza is not
> removed when ./configure finds that PK is not going to be enabled. Now
> THAT is a bug I could file. 

Except (but now guessing at what you think is a bug) that it's not a
bug; see;a=blob;h=503c09db191dac147cbb6616991a789cdecd265c;hb=95bd4f1bf9a62f1551461841d64f6f1cdea6a92e;

specifically this part

if test x${msg_polkit} = xno; then
   echo "WARNING: PolicyKit is disabled. You need to manually edit the hal.conf"
   echo "         file to lock down the service. Failure to do so allows any"
   echo "         caller to make hald do work on their behalf which may be"
   echo "         a huge SECURITY HOLE. I repeat: YOU NEED TO EDIT THE FILE"
   echo "         hal.conf to match your distro/site to avoid NASTY SECURITY HOLES."
   echo ""

Anyway, this conversation should probably continue in the Debian BTS.
Feel free to Cc hal lists freedesktop org if you need my input.


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