Re: Translator credits (to maintainers)

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:09 PM, Jonh Wendell <jwendell gnome org> wrote:
>> Hi, folks.


>> This is just a warning about translator names in NEWS file:
>> You should get the translator name from the "Last Translator" field in
>> the .po file, not from po/Changelog. Sometimes the translator is not the
>> same person as who commits the file.
> Hi, first my apologies, I've always pulled translator names from
> po/Changelog ;-)
>> There is even a script to help us on this job:
> Thats really cool and I wish I knew about it before, hey I wonder if -
> it would make any
> difference to maintainers (I think it might for me), if this script
> were available in the
> gnome-common module sitting beside
> ( ?)

Actually, a long time ago, this script didn't work so well for me (if it
is still the original it always was), so I wrote a
new tool to do that and other maintainer jobs.

The script is here:

The maintainer script actually works slightly better too as I recall
because it concatenates translators instead of just listing the last
person that updated the translation file.

In addition to this, the maintainer script will list help documentation
translators too separately.

There are of course other things the script will do (like generating the
release email for you), you can see a full list of what it is capable of

Adding this to gnome-common might actually be a good idea so more people
know about it. I always come across posts like this where people have
never heard of the tool.

> Frankly, I rebuild my gnome sandbox from scratch often enough, and reinstall my
> OS probably once each gnome release cycle - I dont see how I could possibly
> remember the location of that script.
> Just a suggestion, I may be the only one .. and I'll be happy to just
> copy the script
> into my own module and be on my way ;-)



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