Glade is late

Hello fellow hackers,
    Simply put, this is a call for aid. Normally I obviously wouldnt
try to explicitly solicit help this way (and I've never been good with
project PR anyway) but in light of GTK+'s progress over recent times
I feel its my responsibility here to make a statement because Glade is
bigger than my own personal interest and hobby, its a part of GNOME
and all our interests.

First let me explain my vision - I believe that Glade can and should
play a major role in all the porting work that may be done in the near
future in light of the new GtkBuilder api, and now, work on GTK+3.0
(since 3.0 is announced to be api compatible with GTK+2.0 minus deprecations
we can probably expect to see people to be writing 3.0 savy code from now on).
What we plan to offer is a tool that will allow you to load & save your
Glade file in either format and also chose what major and minor GTK+
version you are targeting, so that you know that every widget, property
and signal is available in that version and even know if its deprecated.
(ofcourse we also want fancy treeview editors and lots of powerful new
features, but thats already obvious ;-)).

That vision may seem far fetched, but the few of you who have Glade trunk
know that we already have those features ! its running smoothly but there
are still bugs, tedious detail bugs, plus we dont have normal menus loading
in GTK+ yet using GtkBuilder - nor do we have a tedious little GtkUIManager
object editor - so no menus in the new format yet.

I don't have my head wrapped around all the blockers right now but suffice
it to say were not going to have Glade 3.6 ready for GNOME 2.24, for this,
we are sorry. We're just a team of 2 occasional developers (typically we
go on binges every once and a while and get things done that way).

So with that, I think the bottom line is: I think this is a critical
time for Glade
in GNOME, because I think the afore mentioned features can significantly
help encourage developers to use new GTK+, and help ease the pain of porting
GTK+ apps all around. If you agree - then you are invited to help us
make it happen.

Thank you all for your attention.


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