Re: build system alternatives (Was: Using vala in GNOME)

On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 16:02 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:

> The contribution barrier for GNOME is way to high as it is today, I'm merely 
> trying to reduce it by allowing developers from other (as in non-unix) 
> backgrounds be able to contribute.

Strategically speaking, while I think it makes sense for GNOME to invest
in the fundamentals (core GTK+ windowing, DBus) of running on platforms[1], developer time is better spent pushing
the free platform as a whole forward.  Competing with
Qt/Swing/Windows.Forms/XULRunner/AIR (Qt in particular) for this is a
big project.

So in this particular case, our target audience for GTK+ on Windows/OS X
is experienced developers familiar with the free desktop stack who at
least somewhat understand autotools, etc.

[1] I tend not to say "Linux" for this anymore; is a lot
more accurate

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