Re: Swfdec: required external packages

On Jan 29, 2008 12:32 PM, Benjamin Otte <otte gnome org> wrote:
> I looked into jhbuild and external deps are always tarballs. So I was
> wondering if there was a policy against depending on development
> versions for external deps. It's a bit more work for jhbuilders after
> all.
> Otherwise I'd update the modules to depend on Swfdec git until 0.6.0 is out.

Yes, this was a very deliberate policy decision.  Tracking
svn/cvs/git/whatever of external dependencies made gnome essentially
unbuildable a few cycles back.  It wasn't just SoC students spending
their first three *weeks* trying to do nothing but get Gnome to build,
we had lots of developers saying they couldn't complete the task
either and couldn't test their own module against current svn of other
modules.  Despite updating my build several times a week, even I was
struggling to keep things built.  It was a nightmare.

But, as you control swfdec, you can handle this situation relatively
easily: release early & release often is your friend.  I don't think
there would be any problem bumping the external dependencies page
every week or even every day if you need it to depend on whatever new
version of swfdec you have released (of course, we want someone to
verify svn still builds before bumping, but beyond that I'm not
opposed to bumps leading up to swfdec-0.6).

Thanks for the awesome work.  Hope this response helps,


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