Re: Swfdec: required external packages

Il giorno mar, 29/01/2008 alle 01.10 +0100, Benjamin Otte ha scritto:

> Additionally, we want to track Swfdec git master from swfdec-gnome
> until 0.6 is released. Is that ok - in particular with the jhbuild
> people?


> 2) shared-mime-info version
> Listed is version 0.22, however version 0.23 contains an important fix
> for Flash file detection that's necessary for roughly 95% of Flash
> files. So it'd be nice if that version would be bumped, too.

Updated jhbuild and garnome to fetch 0.23 and ExternalDeps page on (adding 0.23 as recommended).

Those are the changes between 0.22 and 0.23
- Add QTIF QuickTime image
- Add SDP stream description
- Add Vala source file
- Add Atom feed, OPML
- Add SAMI, MicroDVD, MPSub, SSA subtitles
- Add audio/x-m4b as a sub-class of audio/mp4
- Add *.aac as a suffix for MPEG-4 audio files
- Add Compressed Flash detection, add FutureSplash support
- Add *.asc as a suffix for PGP armoured keys
- Add application/msword as a sub-class of application/x-ole-storage
- Don't associate *.htm and *.html to Mozilla bookmarks
- Add more aliases for PowerPoint and Word mime-types
- Add *.vlc as a suffix for m3u files
- Better magic for Word and Office documents
- Split Windows Media Station playlists from ASX ones
- Fix up JPEG 2000 mime-types

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