Re: State of gvfs in Gnome 2.21

Il giorno mer, 23/01/2008 alle 12.17 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha

> These are the major regressions in the nautilus stack, but there are
> also other uses of gnome-vfs in the desktop. Like the trash applet
> (being worked on i believe) and the panel menus. I don't know the status
> of these atm. Could people fill in the current status?

Epiphany trunk has already dropped gnome-vfs and uses gio, and we found
no regression so far.
I also made patches for EOG [1] and Evince [2] (not committed yet) to
replace gnome-vfs but for Evince we miss g_file_copy_async () for parity
with gnome-vfs.

Other than that, what I really miss in Nautilus 2.21 apart from some
bugs, is network: backend, full working burn: and a more intuitive way
to mount network shares; I do not like having to write the address in
the location bar to have it accessible on the Desktop and in the
sidebar. Also, I liked the network servers were remembered after a




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