Re: State of gvfs in Gnome 2.21

Il giorno mer, 23/01/2008 alle 13.16 +0100, Cosimo Cecchi ha scritto:
> Il giorno mer, 23/01/2008 alle 12.17 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> scritto:
> > These are the major regressions in the nautilus stack, but there are
> > also other uses of gnome-vfs in the desktop. Like the trash applet
> > (being worked on i believe) and the panel menus. I don't know the status
> > of these atm. Could people fill in the current status?
> Epiphany trunk has already dropped gnome-vfs and uses gio, and we found
> no regression so far.

I've one: click on some link pointing to non-managed target, download
the target, auto-open $HOME/Downloads folder --> Result: nautilus shows
an error alert saying is unable to find
"/home/user/file://home/user/Downloads/" - and it's right :-)

Oh, non managed target means a file that you can't open with any of the
installed apps, so Ephy ask you if you want download it. Try with some
Mac .dmg file like this[1]

>  I do not like having to write the address in
> the location bar to have it accessible on the Desktop and in the
> sidebar. Also, I liked the network servers were remembered after a
> reboot.

You can use bookmarks. And it works in Nautilus and Panel (but not in
file selector using gio backend).

Try this:
 * open smb://network/resource
 * Select Places->Add Bookmark (or Ctrl+D)
 * unmount the mount

The bookmark entry is still available in Nautilus and Panel Places
menus, and you can use it to remount the share.

IMHO this is the proper way to implement this feature, we just need to
     A. visually separate local folders and remote folders in both menus
     B. use the same icon ("network-server" or "folder-remote") in panel
        and file manager
     C. show bookmarked remote resources in file selector
     D. avoid to add bookmarks for stuff like computer://, fonts:// and
        similar, or duplicate them


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