Re: New module decisions for 2.22


 + swfdec-gnome (desktop)
  => accept if it moves to the GNOME infrastructure
  => swfdec becomes a new external dependency

Section 3a seems of the "Adobe SWF and FLV File Format Specification
License Agreement" seems to be pretty clear that the specification
does not allow additional client programs, players, etc. to use
the format.  Even if this has been implemented by reverse-engineering
or clean-room techniques, then this may require some legal review
to ensure that this was done appropriately to avoid legal issue down
the road for GNOME.  Has this been done?

Are we really comfortable adding something into the official GNOME
project that has known legal/licensing issues?


For reference, Section 3a says:

3. Restrictions

a. You may not use the Specification in any way to create or develop a
   runtime, client, player, executable or other program that reads or
   renders SWF files.


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