Time for the annual bugzilla statistics!

Others might be interested in some gnome bugzilla statistics from 2007,
so here you go.
Thanks to Olav for running the script (he did so on Jan. 6th instead of
early Jan. 1st, so the stats might have a slight skew, but it's unlikely
to have had a major effect).

Detailed information can be found at
Please keep in mind to not draw too many conclusions from these values. 

Some highlights from the main page are:

Overall statistics:
                                2007    (2006)   (2005)
  Open reports at the end(*):    33967  (26942)  (18888)
  Opened in that year:          114043  (67543)  (37845)
  Closed in that year:          108807  (59006)  (34196)
    (*): Excludes reports marked as enhancements
    [A valuable number of reports has also been blocked 
     by GNOME Bugzilla's auto-reject feature.]

The following people closed more than 4000 bugs in 2007:
  9800 Tom Parker
  7047 Susana Pereira
  6882 Bruno Boaventura
  6649 Pedro Villavicencio
(note that for 2006, we still listed people closing more than 1000
reports, while for 2007 this would have required to list 19 people)

The following people reported more than 250 bugs in 2007:
  699 Sebastien Bacher
  414 Christian Persch
  332 Bastien Nocera
  254 Michael Monreal

The following people contributed more than 200 patches in 2007:
  296 Christian Persch
  261 Milan Crha
  236 Rich Burridge

The following people reviewed more than 200 patches in 2007: 
  757 Srinivasa Ragavan
  449 Matthias Clasen
  383 Christian Persch
  245 Willie Walker
  204 Bastien Nocera

Like always, a little bit about the above people (please correct the
mistakes I've made in pointing out peoples' roles):

Tom Parker has recently completed his PhD. When not triaging like mad,
he also works on the Apt backend for PackageKit in his spare time.

Susana Pereira has finished her studies this year. She is the third
highest bug closer for the second year in a row.

Bruno Boaventura contributes to GNOME in his spare time (membership
committee and bugsquad). His triaging rate has drastically decreased
since he has married on 07/07/07. ;-)

Pedro Villavicencio is one of our many brave chilean GNOME contributors.
He works for Canonical and also maintains Hipo, an ipod management tool.

Sebastien Bacher packages a lot of software & forwards many reports from
Debian and Ubuntu and helps us keep our bugzilla sane. Works for

Bastien Nocera works for Red Hat and maintains Totem & many more
bugzilla products.

Michael Monreal is also about to finish his studies. He has been a long
time GNOME contributor, helps in a lot of ways and seems to concentrate
on both code and artwork patches currently.

Christian Persch is the maintainer of Epiphany. He contributes all over
the map. In 2006 and 2007, he was both the #1 patch contributor and the
#2 bug reporter.

Milan Crha works for Red Hat and has since May become the "Evolution
patch machine".

Rich Burridge works for Sun on accessibility (mostly Orca). He also
maintains gcalctool.

Srinivasa Ragavan works for Novell and is the Evolution overall
maintainer. In 2007 he and his team have decreased the number of
unreviewed patches from more than 150 down to about 50.

Matthias Clasen maintains gtk+, working for Red Hat.

Willie Walker also works for Sun on accessibility (mostly Orca).

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