Re: Need input from the community for anjuta (was Re: Proposed module: anjuta)

Le dimanche 06 janvier 2008, à 17:33 -0600, Shaun McCance a écrit :
> If we want to have an IDE in our devtools release set
> (and honestly, what's the point of a devtools release
> set without an IDE?), then Anjuta seems like the most
> natural choice.

Hmm, yes, it was probably not clear from my summary: Anjuta is really
the most natural choice. The question could be: is it ready to go in for
2.22 or should we wait a bit more?

> Does Anjuta have (or do the developers plan to have)
> glade-like or devhelp-like functionality built in, as
> some other IDEs do?  This seems like a natural thing
> for an *integrated* development environment to do.
> If so, does it make sense for us to have stand-alone
> applications for that functionality in the devtools
> release set, if Anjuta is included?

We do want the stand-alone apps for the old coders like us, don't we? I
don't think it's only a few coders here and there...
(there's integration with glade3 and devhelp in anjuta)

> If Anjuta is really hard to translate, and if the
> strings could be improved, we could postpone until
> 2.24, with the provision that the Anjuta developers
> need to work with the translation teams between now
> and the 2.24 string freeze to fix this stuff.  This
> is something that could have probably been addressed
> earlier in the release cycle, if somebody had taken
> the initiative.

Again, the summary was probably a bit misleading. There's also the fact
that we don't know if it's good from a usability point of view (which is
a hard question for an IDE, I guess). Basically, is it just ready?
That's why we'd like to know what people using it think about it.

(it would have been great to know the fact that it's hard to translate
earlier -- note that there's a GHOP task to help fix this, though)


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