Re: Sound Theme/Naming Specifications proposal

> Hi,
> I propose here a "Sound Theme Specification" on fdo. It is based
> heavily on the "Icon Theme Specification" and still in
> planning/requirements-gathering stage.
> You should be able to read it via yelp:
> git clone git://
> yelp $PWD/sound-theme-spec/spec/sound-theme-spec.xml
> Gitweb:
> The idea of having such a spec has been discussed in the past, and I
> know someone did a similar work, but I cannot find it anymore..
> Some definitions (about default formats/localization/sound
> system/context/algorithm) are quite critical to get right and require
> attention, review and agreement.
> The "Sound Naming Specification" is a copy&paste of the Bango Project
> [1]. I just found a Oxygen wiki page [2] with similar aim. The goal
> here is to find a consensus for common requirement and sound naming
> conventions.
> btw; no implementation exists using such a spec, of course
> Cheers,
> [1]
> [2]

This is absolutely inspired! I've recently been trying to involve a few
friends of mine in developing a series of open source notification
sounds at high quality, to distribute as a way to get them involved in
open source from a music tech point of view. 

Until now I've had no takers for it, although some interest in getting
involved. Would it not be prudent to make a call out to the
"general-listening-public" to see if any other music tech geeks out
there want to create a library of sounds for the gnome desktop, and as
part of the development they extend and improve on the basic sound theme
naming spec as it has been shown here.


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