Re: HIG says "Page Setup" not "Page Setup..."

Il giorno mer, 06/02/2008 alle 12.29 -0600, Shaun McCance ha scritto:
> On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 02:19 +0000, Iain * wrote:
> > > > > For Preferences or Page Setup, the dialog is what you're
> > > > > intending to do.
> > > >

> And I'm not sure I understand why "Edit Bookmarks" would not
> have an ellipsis.  Surely bookmark editing is not complete
> when the bookmarks window opens.  Then again, one might think
> of the bookmarks window as a "real" window, instead of just a
> dialog.  Certainly Epiphany's bookmarks window doesn't look
> like a dialog, although Nautilus's does.  But if it's simply
> a place you want to open, the menu item should be "Bookmarks",
> because "Edit Bookmarks" is loaded with a verb that is not
> complete when the window opens.

Agree, both windows are not limited to editing bookmarks; OK to open

> I'm not saying your reasoning is wrong.  It does make sense,
> when applied consistently.  But it leads to ellipses on far
> too many menu items.  Excessive punctuation will make our
> interfaces harder to read.

True, we can't place '...' everywhere just because the command open
anther window. We should place '...' for launchers on panel menu too.

IMHO the HIG provide us a logic rule: if your _action_ needs further
input, put `...`. As I said in my other mail, check the print dialog:
you can't proceed if you don't select the printer to use, the
confirmation button is grayed out. This is a good example of futher

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