Re: Logview rewrite merged to gnome-utils trunk

Cosimo Cecchi schrieb:
> Hi,
> in the last month and a half I have been in my free time rewriting
> almost from scratch the GNOME System Log viewer, which lives in the
> gnome-utils package.
> Today I merged by rewrite into gnome-utils trunk, so it will likely be
> included in the 2.26 release.
> New features include
> * migration to GIO
> * fully asynchronous I/O
> * use of a real GtkTextView
> * full featured search
> * day highlighting
> But generally the code is now up-to-date, will be actively maintained by
> me, it's designed and logically divided between objects and new features
> should be much simpler to implement.
> Feel free test the new code, new strings, ecc, thoroughly and please
> report any bugs at the GNOME Bugzilla, gnome-utils product, under the
> logview component.
> If something went or will go wrong, I tagged the trunk before the merge
> here [1].
> [1]
> Cheers,
> Cosimo


this sounds great. For inspiration - I've attached a screenshot of the gstreamer
debug viewer (a pygtk app). I features some nice functions for analysing logs:

* above the log is a histogram of log events per time. different colors for
log-level (info, warn, error). Additionally warn & error are marked as triangles
at the top of the histogram. Clicking there with the mouse scrolls to the region
in the log-file

* left of the log is a plot inspired by federicos it maps the
timestamp currently visible to a linear scale. this helps to spot areas with
lots or no events.

* lots of filtering:
  * clamp start and end time
  * hide levels, categories, ...

* copy lines to bookmark area by double clicking. this helps to compare two log
lines and serves as bookmarks (clicking the line in the bookmark area, jumps to
the line in the log).


JPEG image

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