ORBit2 stopped calling g_thread_init(), and consequences

Hello hackers,

ORBit2 stopped calling g_thread_init() to accomodate the sensitiveness
of Microsoft Windows and will now display a warning if it was not
previously called: 

  ** (gnome-settings-daemon:14568): WARNING **: g_thread_init() has
  not been called. ORBit2 would like to use threads, so the
  application should have called g_thread_init(NULL) before any GLib
  or GLib-using API. Calling g_thread_init() now here inside the
  libORBit-2 library is too late, so instead threads won't be used by
  ORBit2. This might have bad side-effects. Fix the application!

See this bug report: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=547885

As gconf is using ORBit2, this bug affects many modules...

What should be the plan to fix them all ?



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