Re: ORBit2 stopped calling g_thread_init(), and consequences

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 1:17 PM, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
> Hello hackers,
> ORBit2 stopped calling g_thread_init() to accomodate the sensitiveness
> of Microsoft Windows and will now display a warning if it was not
> previously called:
>  ** (gnome-settings-daemon:14568): WARNING **: g_thread_init() has
>  not been called. ORBit2 would like to use threads, so the
>  application should have called g_thread_init(NULL) before any GLib
>  or GLib-using API. Calling g_thread_init() now here inside the
>  libORBit-2 library is too late, so instead threads won't be used by
>  ORBit2. This might have bad side-effects. Fix the application!
> See this bug report:
> As gconf is using ORBit2, this bug affects many modules...
> What should be the plan to fix them all ?

A first step would be to get an unstable ORBit release out, so that we
can examine the scope of the issue. Once we have that, file lots of
bugs with simple patches ?

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