Re: [Libgnome-menu2] Any quick way to check which part of the tree is updated?

Le jeudi 13 novembre 2008, à 10:23 +0800, Liu, Raymond a écrit :
> >
> >
> >Vincent
> I noticed that this bug is opened 15 months ago, is there any progress
> or plan on this by now :)
> Also I don't know is there anyone else doing this work now?  I am kind
> of interested in it. But I think I might not get enough knowledge and
> skills to do this one. If there's already someone work on it. I will
> wait. If not, I can try.

Apologies for the late reply -- I somehow didn't see your mail.

At the moment, there's no progress on this and there's no concrete plan
(except "have someone do it"). You're welcome to give it a try, but it
will need quite some rework of gnome-menus internals.



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