Re: libcanberra as an external dependency

On Thu, 07.08.08 17:31, Joe Marcus Clarke (marcus FreeBSD org) wrote:

> > How clear should a deprecation be? IMO it clearly states that although
> > we won't break esd, we recommend that new apps switch to something else
> > when it is available. This is like gvfs, we're moving away from it.
> What's not clear is what that SOMETHING ELSE is.  When gnome-vfs was
> deprecated, gvfs/gio were already part of the GNOME Desktop/Platform.
> There was clear direction on where to move.  There is no other
> recommended sound server option.  Since the Desktop hasn't yet switched
> to something new, I think it is reasonable to assume that compatibility
> should be maintained for the current sound server.

In contrast to gvfs/gio you can live without a sound server. ESD as
such was mostly made redundant by stuff like ALSA dmix years ago.

That's why deprecating esd is fine, while deprecating gvfs without a
gio replacement would not have been.


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