"Hamster" string in the UI [was: New module decisions for 2.24]

Vincent Untz wrote:

>  + project hamster (desktop)
>    - well-maintained
>    - people like it
>    - the main objection is about whether we should accept all good
>      software in official GNOME or not. The release team thinks it's
>      something that the 3.0 proposal aims to fix, so that shouldn't be
>      considered at the moment.
>    => approved if moved in GNOME SVN
>       SVN module should be created (bug #545049), releases should be
>       published on the GNOME FTP and the module should be added to
>       Damned Lies.
>       Also following the GNOME version numbers would be good.

I had my objections but I welcome project hamster to the GNOME

However I wonder if it wouldn't be best to avoid using "Hamster" in
its UI (excepted in the about dialog), just like it was asked to the
baobab team to use "Disk Usage Analyser".

It looks (from a quick glance to the gettext catalog) it is at most 10
strings, so it is doable just now while we are still early in the
string change announce period.


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