Re: boost default thumbnail limit?

Pat Suwalski wrote:
It brings up the question of Exif thumbnails. I know that in general the
idea of using them has been shot down for one reason or another. But
they might prove useful as an intermediary for large files. For example:

<5M: generate thumbnail
5M <10M: use exif thumbnail
10M: show icon.

Many applications have (or had) problems updating the embedded thumbnail correctly. For instance, they didn't update the thumbnail at all after editing the file, or the orientation data got mangled, etc... gthumb and the Gimp certainly had problems with this until recently.

I don't think the embedded thumbnails are trustworthy. (It certainly would be faster, though.)

Plus, a hybrid scheme (full thumbnail < 5M, exif thumbnail > 5M, ignore gifs, etc) sort of deviates from the gnome keep-it-simple credo.

- Mike

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