New default theme is unpleasant

Just getting around to running 2.20 full-time now that it's falling in
to Debian unstable. At first I didn't really notice much about the new
theme except the tab-highlight gradient. However, after a few
days,other things are really starting to get annoying. As a result,
I've switched back to Clearlooks Classic (as provided by gtk-engines).

It appears to me that the two major issues are:

In applications with a large toolbar at the top, the "glossy-gradient"
effect is a huge throwback to the days of Crux. It's a large departure
from the old Clearlooks that used a flat surface for the toolbar. The
top of every window looks like a shinny speedbump, now.

The color temperature has gone from a more human-friendly warm color
to something more "blue and icy".

All in all, it feels less friendly, more sharp-edged.

(( And yes, you can consider this bike-shedding of the most obvious kind. ))

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