Re: Please include into 2.22: libnotify, notification daemon

On 9/26/07, Christian Hammond <chipx86 chipx86 com> wrote:
> notification-daemon and libnotify are on every distro shipping GNOME, to my
> knowledge. Isn't it time to finally mark this as a blessed dependency? More
> and more apps are using this and it's become a de facto standard not only in
> GNOME but in practically anything not KDE-based, GTK+ or otherwise. It's
> only doing harm by preventing it from becoming a dependency, as it requires
> more work on the part of the developers to develop, test and support
> conditional code.

Hear hear!  :-)  We're investigating using libnotify for some new
functionality in Tomboy, and we're not exactly enthused that it would
have to be an optional dependency.  Since nobody would ever use the
non-libnotify option, we'd be maintaining code that gives an inferior
(and untested!) user experience.

I get the complaints that it should be part of one of our existing
platform components, but how many cycles will it be before that
happens (somebody has to do the work, after all)?  Even after that,
some apps will surely not be updated, and distros will still have to
ship libnotify anyway.  So in my mind it doesn't really matter if we
take it as a blessed dependency now, and then integrate it into the
"proper" component later (echoing Rodrigo, here).

+1 for libnotify as a blessed dependency.


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