Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 00:10 -0500, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> * It appears to be a fork of Gossip and intended to replace Gossip.
> The Gossip author has stated that Gossip is not dead. Gossip has
> telepathy support...
>  * It appears to want to replace the default IM client installed in
> distros (Pidgin). 

These are not real concerns. Nor pidgin or gossip are part of the GNOME
Desktop. I'd be worried if gossip were proposed for inclusion in GNOME,
though, but that's not the case.

And I'm not even stating these facts hold... which is a different
matter, but irrelevant for the discussion ongoing.

> * It appears to want to replace Ekiga. There appears to be no buy-in
> from Ekiga developers.
> * It doesn't implement all of the features it lists as its benefits.
> (maybe could be fixed by 2.22 release)

These could be interesting issues, *if* they are backed up. If you are
really against empathy inclusion in 2.22, I'd suggest you to focus in
these particular points.


Claudio Saavedra  <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

D�del Software Libre, Curic�

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