Re: Module proposal: GtkGLExt for GNOME 2.22

Sorry, I forgot to reply to one part of the mail :-)

Le samedi 22 septembre 2007, à 19:10 +0200, Andreas Røsdal a écrit :
> On Sat, 22 Sep 2007, Vincent Untz wrote:
>> Well, it won't be accepted if it's unmaintained. So you should do things
>> the other way around: start maintaining it before it can get accepted.
> I agree. Should I begin maintaining it in the GNOME infrastructure already 
> now? Any suggestions about how to proceed during this development cycle for 
> a "smooth" inclusion as a new module during this cycle?  :-)

I think it makes sense to start maintaining it in the GNOME
infrastructure now. Else, you'll get blamed for not doing it before when
we'll evaluate all module proposals ;-)

As for "smooth" inclusion, the criteria on [1] should give a good idea
of what you should be done.



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