Re: Module proposal: GtkGLExt for GNOME 2.22

Le samedi 22 septembre 2007, à 19:10 +0200, Andreas Røsdal a écrit :
> On Sat, 22 Sep 2007, Vincent Untz wrote:
>> Note that it's possible that it will get rejected for the platform if it
>> doesn't go in the desktop for at least one cycle, since we're quite
>> strict about the platform. So maybe you should propose it for the
>> desktop first?
> I'd like to be pragmatic and propose the module to the release set which is 
> the most appropriate. Originally, I didn't think that GtkGLExt should be a 
> Desktop module, because it doesn't "provide user functionality". But now I 
> see that other libraries such as GStreamer, gnome-doc-utils and libsoup are 
> included in the Desktop release set as well - Despite being development 
> libraries, and not providing end user functionality. Since GtkGLExt is a 
> development library, and should be part of the infrastructure / development 
> platform for other modules, the developer platform was originally the 
> release set that I thought would be most appropriate.
> So I'm fine with proposing GtkGLExt as a desktop module, at least for the 
> first development cycle. Generally, more long-term, I think that all 
> development libraries in the desktop release set should be in the developer 
> platform release set, ideally.

I've moved your proposal to the desktop set, then.

Note that it doesn't make sense to have all libraries in the platform,
since not all libraries are interesting as a platform right now (some
are unstable, eg, and some might not be useful for other developers).



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