Re: Introducing new GNOME SVN users


That sounds great. I'll volunteer to be the first, as soon as my SVN
account request is approved! :)

(Originally requested July 24th (email dropped somehow), re-requested
Sept. 4th (got the auto-reply)).


On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 00:18 +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
> Within another project[1], we've starting doing self-introductions. This
> is nice as to notice whenever someone joins the project/mailing list.
> An introduction usually contains:
>  * The persons name
>  * IRC nick
>  * City/Country (all fields, but especially this one is of course optional)
>  * Affiliation (school/company/..)
>  * What the person wants to help out with
>  * Historical qualifications (just some background info on e.g. GNOME,
>    how they started, knowledge of programming/pcs, ...)
>  * Free for all textfield
> Whenever a new SVN account is created, I want to suggest that the person
> introduces themselves on the mailing list. Not sure exactly which one.
> For big projects, perhaps the projects mailing list. For translators,
> gnome-i18n or the mailing list specific to their language.
> Before I add such a suggestion to the new account introduction email, I
> want to ensure that more people think this is a good idea.
> Further, I could even perhaps email some mailing list with all new GNOME
> account creations (not right now, but soon with the new Mango system).
> But this is perhaps too impersonal (it would contain something like
> "$PERSON with userid $UID joined GNOME to work on $MODULES / $LANG").
> Anyone agree with me?
> [1] Bugzilla

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