Introducing new GNOME SVN users

Within another project[1], we've starting doing self-introductions. This
is nice as to notice whenever someone joins the project/mailing list.

An introduction usually contains:
 * The persons name
 * IRC nick
 * City/Country (all fields, but especially this one is of course optional)
 * Affiliation (school/company/..)
 * What the person wants to help out with
 * Historical qualifications (just some background info on e.g. GNOME,
   how they started, knowledge of programming/pcs, ...)
 * Free for all textfield

Whenever a new SVN account is created, I want to suggest that the person
introduces themselves on the mailing list. Not sure exactly which one.
For big projects, perhaps the projects mailing list. For translators,
gnome-i18n or the mailing list specific to their language.

Before I add such a suggestion to the new account introduction email, I
want to ensure that more people think this is a good idea.

Further, I could even perhaps email some mailing list with all new GNOME
account creations (not right now, but soon with the new Mango system).
But this is perhaps too impersonal (it would contain something like
"$PERSON with userid $UID joined GNOME to work on $MODULES / $LANG").

Anyone agree with me?

[1] Bugzilla

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