Drop crasher reports from 2.16 and before

Hey everyone,

We discussed this last few days on bugsquad list about the following,
we didn't find anything negative about it we are letting you know
about it, feel free to comment about it.

Proposal: Drop crasher reports from 2.16 and before

1. They are really old and most of them are answered "well yes, try
SVN/last-release it [might be] fixed there", or simply ignored. They
only make bugzilla noisy, hence making difficult to find useful reports.
2. It is unlikely any new crasher will occur. As we've been triaging
these crashers for over a year, the chance of a new 2.16-specific
crasher is not worth the amount of time it takes to triage the dupes.

You can easily confirm if a crash report is old enough by checking
metadata provided by bug-buddy like the distribution (for example
Ubuntu 6.10) and of course the version.



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