Re: AT-SPI hard code freeze break request

On 9/15/07, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
> Hi All:
> GNOME 2.20.0 is pyatspi's first official release to the world, so we
> want to get the API as close to AT-SPI as possible.  In addition, we
> want it to support the impending FF3 event type annotation feature.  The
> patches in question accomplish these goals and have been tested by
> various members of the AT-SPI, Accerciser, and Orca teams.
> is most important
> because it will allow the new Firefox 3 annotated event types to come
> through to users of pyatspi (e.g., Dogtail, LDTP, Accerciser, and soon
> Orca).  Without this patch, the annotated Firefox 3 event types do not
> make it through, breaking any pyatspi client that happens to be
> listening for the events, whether they are annotated or not.
> is important as well
> because it will allow users of pyatspi to get the expected experience of
> AT-SPI where the return value of the event handler specifies whether or
> not to consume a device event.  Without this patch, the return value is
> ignored, breaking with the expected experience of AT-SPI.

I really hate hard code freeze break requests of this magnitude, but
given your testing and careful explanation...and the fact that new
changes in FF are somewhat forcing your hand, here's approval 1 of 2.

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